Flux Pumps Accessories for Battery Motor FBM-B 3100

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Accessories for battery motor FBM-B 3100


Accessories for battery motor FBM-B 3100

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  • Battery without charger, type Li-ion, 18V, 2.5 Ah
  • Fast charger without battery. BCH-3100, 50-60 Hz
Battery technical data
Model B15-3100
Type Lithium-Ion
Nominal voltage 18V
Nominal capacity 2.5 Ah
Overload protection Individual cells
Deep discharge protection Individual cells
Overcurrent protection Yes
Short circuit fuse Yes
Sleep mode Yes
Ambient temp for storage minus 20 to +60 deg C
Dimensions 115 x 75 x 46
Weight 350 g
Fast charger technical data
Model BCH-3100
Nominal voltage 220-240 V / 110-120 V
Power frequency 50-60 Hz
Charging time 30 mins
Temperature loading range plus 5 to +40 deg C
Ambient temp for storage minus 20 to +60 deg C
Insulation class T40/E
Protection class IP30
Plug CEE 7/16
Cable length 2 m
Electronic temperature control Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Defective battery detection Yes
LED status display Yes


The Flux battery pump

The seal-less COMBIFLUX pump FP 314 offers versatility across a wide range of applications. These include emptying small containers, 200-liter drums, or even 1000-liter IBCs. Its intelligent cooling system features a double-walled housing. This ensures optimal air circulation and provides protection against the infiltration of corrosive vapours.

The modular design enables the pump to be operated with either the commutator motor FEM 3070 (available for both 110V and 230V power supplies) or the Li-ion brushless battery motor FBM-B 3100. The quick-release motor facilitates the operation of multiple pumps with a single motor, minimizing cross-contamination between pump tubes and reducing costs.

Learn more about our low viscosity barrel pumps here.

View our range of Junior and Combiflux accessories here.

If you would like more information on accessories for battery motor FBM-B 3100, get in touch with us today.

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Battery without charger, type Li-ion, 18 V, 2.5 Ah, Fast charger without battery, BCH-3100, 50-60 Hz


B25-3100, 220-240 V, 100-120 V

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