Flux Pumps High Pressure Hose Clamps for 19 mm ID Hose

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Heavy-duty stainless steel bolted hose clamps.

  • Unique swiveling bridge to aid mounting
  • Captive nut and spacer system
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High pressure hose clamps for 19 mm (3/4″) ID hose

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bolted high pressure hose clamps
  • Unique swiveling bridge to aid mounting
  • Captive nut and spacer system
  • To be used for PE-lined hose, PVC hose or NBR-lined hose

Heavy duty clamps engineered with a groundbreaking swivelling bridge that simplifies installation in even the most challenging settings, eliminating the need to detach the hose. With the ability to open and secure the clamp in place without disrupting other components, assembly is effortless.

Crafted with a high-strength bolt, along with a captive nut and spacer system, it ensures a secure grip on even the most demanding hose assemblies. Trusted by professionals across industrial hose, automotive, agricultural machinery, and various industrial sectors, this clamp is is renowned for its reliability and performance.

Featuring bevelled edges for hose protection and fully compliant with the RoHs directive EU 20032/95/EC, dated 1st July 2006, these clamps set the standard for heavy-duty reliability. Custom dimensions are available upon request. Please note that the maximum application pressure may vary based on hose type and coupling geometry.

Additionally, to complement our extensive array of pumps, FLUX offers a diverse selection of accessories. These accessories are designed to ensure smooth, safe operations and simplify tasks. For instance, effortlessly lift a FLUX pump from the drum with the aid of the carrying handle and spring balancer. Space-saving storage solutions facilitate easy pump storage. Additionally, tailored hoses are available for every application, pre-configured and provided in the required length. For typical drum pump needs, pre-configured pump sets are at your disposal. Whether for mobile or stationary use, FLUX accessories empower you to transform a FLUX pump into a bespoke pumping system tailored to your specific requirements.

Learn more about Flux accessories here.

Finally, view our range of Junior and Combiflux accessories here.

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For PE-lined hose, For PVC hose and NBR-lined hose

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>> For hose OD 31-34 mm.
>> For hose OD 31-34 mm.
>> For hose OD 26-28 mm.


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